Satellite Systems (BSS), the world’s leading satellite manufacturer,
is expanding and remodeling its 1-million-square-foot satellite
factory to accommodate new business and the transfer of satellite
manufacturing from other parts of Boeing.

Within the existing factory, one-third of the
100,000-square-foot-high bay space for satellite integration and test
will be expanded.

Boeing Satellite Systems is a unit of The Boeing Co.

BSS, with a current satellite backlog valued at about $4.8
billion, has more than 38 satellites on order and plans to add the
manufacturing of 12 Block IIF Global Positioning Satellites (GPS),
currently under contract to Boeing Space & Communications’ Seal Beach,
Calif. facility.

The schedule calls for manufacturing of the first satellite to
begin in late 2002, with the contract running through 2008.

“In anticipation of GPS and other commercial and defense business,
we are growing our factory by 30 percent,” said Randy Brinkley,
president of BSS.

“Simultaneously, we will reconfigure the factory along Lean
Manufacturing Practices to enhance our efficiency and competitiveness.
These steps will allow us to be agile in our response to market demand
and schedule commitments, not only with these new programs but also
our continuing line of satellite models — the Boeing 702, 601 and 376

In addition to the integration and test space, the expansion
includes a containerization facility and an acoustic test facility.

“We are also acquiring test equipment to support our new Ka-band
programs, such as Spaceway, for which we are building three of the
highest capacity satellites ever, and the Wideband Gapfiller System,
which is the Department of Defense’s next-generation communications
system to aid all branches of the U.S. military,” Brinkley added.

“We already have a significant backlog in place, coupled with
unparalleled satellite experience,” Brinkley said. “With innovative
services, such as Boeing digital cinema, and the growing demand for
broadband satellite systems and advances in digital signal processing
satellites, we’ve got a strong future ahead of us.”

Boeing is the world’s leading manufacturer of communications
satellites and a major provider of space systems, satellites and
payloads for national defense, science and environmental applications.

The Boeing Co. is the largest aerospace company in the world and
the United States’ leading exporter. It is NASA’s largest contractor
and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military

The company’s capabilities in aerospace also include rotorcraft,
electronic and defense systems, missiles, rocket engines, launch
vehicles, satellites, and advanced information and communication

The company has an extensive global reach with customers in 145