Boeing Company has honored three companies — Aitech Systems
Ltd., Herzlia, Israel; Compunetix Inc., Monroeville, Penn.; and
DIT-MCO International Inc., Kansas City, Mo. — as recipients of its
1999 Exceptional Company Performance Award.

The award is presented annually by Boeing Reusable Space Systems
(RSS) to recognize subcontractors and suppliers for consistent
outstanding performance in providing the products and services
necessary to produce and support NASA’s Space Shuttle orbiter fleet.
Boeing RSS is the major subcontractor to Space Shuttle prime
contractor United Space Alliance.

Recipients were selected from among the Boeing RSS international
network of approximately 100 active Shuttle subcontractors and
suppliers. Selection criteria included product quality, technical
performance and schedule and cost compliance. The team spirit these
organizations demonstrated in working together to address and resolve
mutual issues was also a determining factor in the awards.

Boeing RSS Vice President and General Manager Mike Mott praised
the honorees for a job well done. “These firms have distinguished
themselves through exceptional quality, performance and the ability to
meet challenging schedules,” he said. “We at Boeing are proud to call
them our teammates, as together we continue to strive to deliver,
process and maintain the world’s finest spacecraft.”

Aitech Systems Ltd. was honored for its excellent performance and
support of the modular memory unit for the Shuttle orbiter program.
Compunetix was recognized for its excellent performance and support of
the new voice communication system for the Boeing Engineering/Mission
Support Room in Huntington Beach, which is used to support the Space
Shuttle and International Space Station programs. DIT-MCO
International was selected for its excellent performance and support
of electrical test equipment for the Shuttle orbiter program.

Presentation ceremonies are being held at each company’s
facilities. Company representatives will also be invited to attend an
upcoming Shuttle launch at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.