BlackSky (NYSE: BKSY) adds AllSource Analysis (AllSource) to its list of authorized resellers. Through the reseller agreement, AllSource will utilize BlackSky’s high-revisit satellite constellation to offer geospatial analytics to its customers, which include U.S. and foreign governments, as well as commercial entities.

“With AllSource among our select network of global resellers, BlackSky continues to expand the delivery of real-time geospatial analytics and provide more customers with first-to-know intelligence to make critical decisions,” said Brian E. O’Toole, CEO of BlackSky.

AllSource is a leader in the commercial imagery intelligence market with a suite of multi-source information and analytic products and subscriptions. AllSource provides finished geospatial intelligence to customers in government security, energy, insurance and financial industries. As an authorized reseller, AllSource will have access to BlackSky’s geospatial intelligence and imagery gathered by its high-resolution satellite constellation. The combined intelligence of both companies will provide context and insight to support timely and informed decisions.

“As a BlackSky reseller, AllSource will be able to utilize the company’s rapid revisit rates and AI-driven geospatial intelligence to enable our customers to learn about changes that matter most to them,” said Chuck Herring, CEO of AllSource. “AllSource and BlackSky share a drive to support timely and informed decisions, and we look forward to advancing those objectives through our reseller agreement.”

About BlackSky Technology Inc.

BlackSky (NYSE: BKSY) is a leading provider of real-time geospatial intelligence. BlackSky monitors activities and facilities worldwide by harnessing the world’s emerging sensor networks and leveraging its own satellite constellation. BlackSky processes millions of data elements daily from its constellation as well as a variety of space, IoT, and terrestrial-based sensors and data feeds. BlackSky’s on-demand constellation of satellites can image a location multiple times throughout the day. BlackSky monitors for pattern-of-life anomalies to produce alerts and enhance situational awareness. BlackSky’s monitoring service, Spectra AI, is powered by cutting-edge compute techniques including machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and natural language processing. BlackSky’s global monitoring solution is available via a simple subscription and requires no IT infrastructure or setup.