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    Letter: Cooperation with China Better than Confrontation

    A standoff between the United States and China has been a long time coming, ever since the first “taikonauts” achieved human spaceflight early this century. Few, however, have asked whether a standoff is even necessary. Many politicians, primarily led by U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.), a man I respect for all other reasons, find it imperative to loudly forbid any cooperation with the Chinese in the realm of space. Frankly, this irks me; attitudes such as these serve as catalysts for cold wars. One has to ask why it seems so nigh impossible for two economic giants separated by a wide cultural berth to cooperate in at least the arena of space.

  • Letter: Putting ‘Griffin’s Zombie’ to Rest

    I’m writing in defense of the op-ed “Mike Griffin’s Constellation Zombie” by Rick Tumlinson [Commentary, Oct. 25, page 19] and in response to the letter “Personal Attack on Griffin Crosses Line” [Commentary, Nov 23, page 18]. The letter writer is an example of the type of individual NASA’s Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program faces these days: perhaps full of good motives, but not truly understanding of the subpar way the new U.S. National Space Policy has been presented.