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  • China Conducting Secret Maneuvers in Space? [The Space Review]

    In The Space Review's write up of the space portions of the Pentagon's just-released annual report on Chinese military power, author Dwayne Day notes that Russian and Chinese media have run stories in recent days about an unmanned spacecraft rendezvous involving an experimental satellite China launched June 15.

  • Chinese On-orbit Rendezvous Analyzed [The Space Review]

    China's recently launched SJ-12 satellite appears to have conducted a series of maneuvers over the summer to rendezvous with the older SJ-06F satellite in mid-August. The Chinese government isn't saying anything about the event, leaving satellite analysts to puzzle it out using the Pentagon's publicly released orbital data. Brian Weeden, a former U.S. Air Force officer who now works for the Secure World Foundation think tank, published his analysis Aug. 30 at the Space Review website.