The latest from Stephen A. Evans

  • Letter: Why the Apollo Culture Was Unique

    Walter Cunningham, John Logsdon and others have written well and intelligently on the Apollo culture and its applicability today [“The End of the Apollo Culture? What a Shame,” Commentary, July 12, page 19, and “The End of the Apollo Era — Finally?” Commentary, July 5, page 19]. The dialogue on the direction of the space program and the NASA culture needed to support that direction is important and must continue.

  • Letter: NASA Needs Advanced Tech To Reach Destination

    Having been deeply involved in the U.S. human spaceflight program during both the Apollo and space shuttle eras, I fully agree with Robert Zubrin’s position in the Feb. 22 Space News that NASA needs goals, destinations and milestones [“NASA Needs a Destination,” page 19]. Without a destination, NASA tends to revert to being a politically driven jobs and industrial base make-work program, frustrating the many dedicated government and industry employees working in the space program.