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  • Op-ed | Hillary will expand our space potential
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    Op-ed | Hillary will expand our space potential

    "As President, Secretary Clinton will not only build on our progress in space, but will advance inspirational, achievable, and affordable space initiatives," writes Jim Kohlenberger, former chief of staff at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy under President Obama.

  • Commentary | Mitt Romney: Lost in Space
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    Commentary | Mitt Romney: Lost in Space

    We are fortunate to be entering a new and exciting chapter of American space exploration, one that will see more discoveries, more scientific breakthroughs, more Americans in space and ultimately more American astronauts pioneering farther into the solar system than humans have ever gone before. This upward trajectory is being fueled by an ambitious plan laid out by President Barack Obama that enables NASA to blaze a new trail of innovation and discovery. The president is focused on ensuring not only that we maintain our leadership in space, but also that we advance it by cranking up the American innovation engine once again with a bigger vision, and bolder action, for a brighter space future. These efforts are essential for both our economic and national security.