Alain Dupas is a European space expert and the author of many books on science, technology and space issues.

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  • Policy & Politics

    Commentary | Rethinking the Space Contribution in Rapid Response Ops

    The military operation in Libya is not yet over. It is too early for scholarly and learned lessons. But it is not too early to look at the tactical experiences and how those experiences presage changes to come. We have done an initial look at the overlap between the experience of the French and of the U.S. Marine Corps in the Libya operations and have discovered some significant overlaps in experience.

  • Policy & Politics

    Commentary | U.S. Strategy 2020: Facing a Multipolar Future

    As the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama launches its space policy — both civil and military — the space context within which the policy will be affected is changing rapidly. By 2020, several nations will have new capabilities in space, along with civil capabilities, rivaling today’s sensing and communications capabilities possessed by the U.S. military. And with the barriers to entry for space operations going down, multipolar space — or several global players shaping core space capabilities — will be a fundamental reality by 2020.