First American Woman, Everyday Citizen May Fly Russian Soyuz to The
International Space Station as Early as This Fall

Lori Garver, a vice president with DFI International and It’s
Time LLC, today addressed leading commercial space advocates on
the AstroMom Project. At the 18th National Space Symposium,
Garver outlined how she is uniquely positioned to become the
first American woman, everyday citizen space tourist. In a
discussion about the International Space Station (ISS) and
scientific research, she offered her flight into space as an
opportunity to raise awareness and to increase public interest in
the scientific and educational goals of the ISS.

In her remarks, Lori Garver thanked the aerospace industry’s
opinion leaders and change agents for their support of her
AstroMom mission:

"If we want to build the case for further exploration, to promote
additional uses of the scientific research infrastructure on the
ISS, and to open the space frontier to commercial enterprise we
must build the marketplace. That’s where you come in. With your
backing we can increase public support for the ISS and build
enthusiasm for space. This year, DFI International created It’s
Time to ensure we continue this effort even after AstroMom’s safe
landing. Just like I was inspired by the first steps of Armstrong
and Aldrin on the Moon, I hope this mission, in its own small
way, captures the imagination of millions of mothers and their
sons and daughters."

Michelle Robbins, President of Women In Aerospace (WIA), today
announced her organization’s support for Ms. Garver’s mission:
"We’re extremely proud of Lori. WIA believes this unprecedented
space flight could open new doors for commercial investment in
space, and will help to communicate the importance of discovery,
research, and opening of the space frontier. As an active WIA
Board Member and a long-time space advocate, Lori is more than
just a trailblazer for women in aerospace, she is a trailblazer
for all people who ever dreamed of space travel."

Garver has already spent 14 days in Star City, Russia undergoing
intense medical testing. She began studying the Russian language
two months ago. Over the past few months, she and her team at DFI
have refined their business model and continue to meet with
potential commercial sponsors, media partners, and advocacy
groups. It’s Time anticipates the necessary sponsors will be
lined up in the near future and Garver may begin her Cosmonaut
training as early as this May.

It’s Time envisions the AstroMom Project as a demonstration that
space is not just the domain of governments and wealthy
individuals. By creating a business model that works hand-in-hand
with the private sector and the leadership of the Russian and
U.S. space programs. It’s Time officials believe the opening of
space to common citizens can be achieved. Moreover, they expect
people around the world to identify with a working mother as her
cheering husband and children send her into space and greet her
upon her safe return.

"Yes, we believe it’s time. The space programs are both ready and
supportive. We’ve created a business model unique in that it
leverages the best of both the private sector and government
space investment in support of those that dream of space travel.
Raising the funds has only been half the challenge; the real key
to success is to raise awareness and reinvigorate public interest
in space. Lori is the perfect representative of our vision," said
Brett Lambert, vice president at DFI and It’s Time, LLC.

Lori Garver always dreamed she would be part of the space
program, from the day she watched the first Moon landing, but she
had no idea that it may mean more than being a full-time
commercial space advocate. The former NASA Associate
Administrator and, now, DFI International’s star Space Program
Development leader may become the first woman, everyday citizen
space tourist. The wife and mother of two boys plans to take her
family to Russia during her six-month Cosmonaut training in Star

About DFI International and It’s Time

Founded in 1984, DFI International, headquartered in Washington,
DC, provides strategic planning, technology feasibility research,
and business modeling assistance, as well as merger, acquisition,
and strategic alliance support to financial institutions and
Fortune 100 aerospace, defense, telecommunications, and
information technology companies.

With assistance of the law firm Arnold & Porter, DFI created It’s
Time, along with an affiliated non-profit educational foundation,
to prolong the existence of the AstroMom project and address
other opportunities beyond Soyuz flights to the International
Space Station. It’s Time works with commercial sponsors, media
partners, educational institutions, and other advocacy
organizations to promote its goals of commercializing space,
inspiring students and educators, encouraging scientific
discovery and heightening awareness of the space frontier.