FAA revises criteria for commercial astronaut wings
Space Perspective performs first balloon test flight, begins ticket sales
NASA soliciting proposals for two private astronaut missions
Axiom Space purchases three Crew Dragon missions
Japanese billionaire, Russian actress to fly to ISS
Orbite to offer commercial human spaceflight training program
NASA increases prices for ISS private astronaut missions
Russia to select actress for Soyuz mission in May
Inspiration4 announces crew for private SpaceX Crew Dragon mission
Contest for Crew Dragon seat well short of fundraising goal
Entrepreneur purchases SpaceX Crew Dragon mission
Glavkosmos to sell seats on Soyuz missions
Axiom announces crew for first private ISS mission
Stratospheric ballooning company Space Perspective raises $7 million
Virgin Galactic unveils SpaceShipTwo cabin as it prepares for commercial flights

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