Arianespace successfully
launched the N-SAT-110 communications satellite today for two leading Japanese
telecommunications operators, Space Communications Corporation (SCC) and JSAT
Corporation (JSAT).

Arianespace has played an active role in the growth of telecommunications
in Japan for more than 14 years, signing a total of 17 launch contracts with
Japanese operators.
N-SAT-110 is the 14th Japanese satellite to be launched
by Arianespace, as well as the 6th for SCC and 3rd for JSAT.
Following the
launch of Superbird 4 for SCC (Flight 127, February 17, 2000) and this launch,
a third Ariane launch by the end of the year will orbit the LDREX satellite
for Japanese space agency NASDA.

Ariane Wins “Gold Medal” With 57th Successful Launch in a Row

This launch gives Arianespace a spotless record of eight out of eight
successful flights since the beginning of this year, and also marks the 57th
consecutive successful launch by an Ariane 4.

                         Technical Data of Flight 133
    Flight 133    ARIANE 42L (with two liquid strap-on boosters).
                  The 99th Ariane 4 since the launcher's service entry

    Launch site   Guiana Space Center, Europe's Spaceport,
    ELA-2         Kourou, French Guiana

                                 Launch Time
                 20h.00mn.00sec    6 October    Kourou
                 23h.00mn.00sec    6 October    T.U.
                 19h.00mn.00sec    6 October    Washington, D.C.
                 01h.00mn.00sec    7 October    Paris
                 08h.00mn.00sec    7 October    Tokyo

                            N-SAT-110 for SCC and JSAT
    Telecommunications and multimedia satellite
    A2100-AX platform
    Manufacturer       LOCKHEED MARTIN (LMCSS), Sunnyvale, California, U.S.A.
    Characteristics    Mass at liftoff  3,531 kg  (7,768 lb)
                       Payload 24 Ku-band transponders; 120 W

    Position           110 degrees East, over Indonesia
    Coverage zone      Japan

                  Orbital parameters (at third stage injection):
    Perigee                        200.1 km       199.8 km (+3)
    Apogee                         35,980 km      35,955 km (+240)
    Inclination                    7.00 degrees   7.00 degrees (+0.07 degrees)

The next launch, Flight 134, is planned for October 27.
An Ariane 44LP
launcher will orbit the Europe*Star 1 satellite for the new international
satellite operator Europe*Star Limited.

Following Flight 133, Arianespace’s backlog now stands at 39 satellites to
be launched, plus 9 ATV launches for the International Space Station.