The next mission of the Ariane 5
heavy-lift launcher has been postponed due to the unavailability of the Astra
2B satellite — one of the two payloads planned for this mission.

Originally scheduled for May 23, Flight 130 was slated to have lofted
Astra 2B for the Societe Europeenne de Satellites (SES) and the GE-7 satellite
for U.S. operator GE Americom.

The lift-off of Arianespace’s next mission, Flight 129, is on schedule for
April 18. This launch will carry the Galaxy IVR satellite for PanAmSat
Corporation of the U.S., and will use an Ariane 4 equipped with two liquid-
propellant strap-on boosters.

July is new target for Flight 130

Arianespace is now planning Flight 130 for July, with the choice of launch
vehicle to be based on the availability of customer satellite payloads.
Arianespace is working with its clients to revise the launch manifest over the
near- and medium term, with mission timing and choice of launcher versions
depending on the delivery of its customer satellites in French Guiana.