Battery maker EaglePicher Technologies of Joplin, Mo., will provide lithium ion batteries for NASA’s Ice, Cloud and Land Elevation Satellite-2 (ICESat-2) under a contract with spacecraft contractor Orbital Sciences Corp., EaglePicher announced July 8.

Contract terms were not disclosed. ICESat-2 is based on Orbital’s LEOStar-3 spacecraft design. EaglePicher said the batteries it designed for ICESat-2 incorporate battery design features that Orbital has used for 13 GEOStar commercial communications satellites since 2008.

“This award demonstrates Orbital’s confidence in EaglePicher’s reliable and innovative lithium ion battery solutions provided for the aerospace industry, and builds upon the strong partnership formed by GS Yuasa and EaglePicher,” Ron Nowlin, vice president of EaglePicher Aerospace and Alternative Energy Storage, said in a statement. 

EaglePicher’s ICESat-2 lithium ion batteries will utilize GS Yuasa’s Generation 3LSE134 lithium ion cells. EaglePicher and GS Yuasa formed a strategic alliance in 2004 to provide lithium ion battery solutions for the aerospace industry.

EaglePicher will design, build and test ICESat-2’s batteries in Joplin.


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