Sacramento, Calif.-based Aerojet on May 8 said that the final Crew Module Reaction Control System (CM RCS) pod assembly for the Orion Multi-Purpose Vehicle’s Exploration Flight Test-1 has arrived at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

The pods will provide the primary and redundant control for critical maneuvers during Orion’s high-speed atmospheric re-entry in the capsule’s planned 2014 test flight. The two CM RCS pod assemblies delivered to date join six others already at Kennedy, Aerojet said in a press release.

Beginning in June, the pods will undergo proof pressure and leak testing, valve leak testing and rocket engine functional testing prior to integration with Orion.

The pod assemblies comprise multiple Aerojet MR-104G monopropellant engines capable of producing 160 pounds of thrust. Final fabrication and assembly of the CM RCS pods was performed at Aerojet’s Redmond, Wash., facility. Aerojet performed the CM RCS work under contract with Orion prime contractor Lockheed Martin Space Systems of Denver.