Congress presses NASA for more details on Artemis costs and schedules
NASA foresees gap in lunar landings after Artemis 3
Amazon’s Alexa to be tested on Artemis 1
NASA inspector general warns of further delays in returning humans to the moon
NASA delays human lunar landing to at least 2025
NASA sets Artemis 1 launch for no earlier than February
NASA expects vaccination mandates to have little impact on Artemis 1 preparations
Cost and schedule overruns continue to grow for NASA programs
Pandemic to cost NASA up to $3 billion
NASA to skip repair of Orion electronics unit
NASA’s inspector general criticizes Orion cost accounting
First SLS launch now expected in late 2021
NASA refines plans for launching Gateway and other Artemis elements
GAO warns of continued cost growth on NASA exploration programs
NASA requesting proposals for Orion engine
Orion completes testing at Plum Brook
First SLS launch now expected in second half of 2021
Senate bill offers $22.75 billion for NASA in 2020
NASA awards long-term Orion production contract to Lockheed Martin
Senator criticizes cost and schedule issues with NASA programs

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