NASA requesting proposals for Orion engine
Orion completes testing at Plum Brook
First SLS launch now expected in second half of 2021
Senate bill offers $22.75 billion for NASA in 2020
NASA awards long-term Orion production contract to Lockheed Martin
Senator criticizes cost and schedule issues with NASA programs
NASA announces Orion achievement on Apollo 11 anniversary
Orion “on track” to support 2024 human lunar landing after abort test
Orion abort system passes in-flight abort test
Upcoming test to demonstrate Orion’s launch abort system in flight
NASA contractors support Artemis cost estimate
Contractors continue to win award fees despite SLS and Orion delays
Bridenstine outlines two-phase approach for accelerated lunar return
Mixed reactions to accelerated moon plan
Pence calls for human return to the moon by 2024
Bridenstine reiterates commitment to SLS

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