NASA’s new Space Technology Mission Directorate is seeking proposals for technology payloads to fly on suborbital test flights as part of the agency’s Game Changing Opportunities in Technology Development program.

Selected proposals would fly aboard commercial suborbital vehicles — either suborbital rockets or aircraft — available under the agency’s Flight Opportunities catalog. Proposals are due June 17, NASA said in an April 16 press release.

NASA said it is looking specifically for technology payloads, vehicle enhancements, on-board facilities and small spacecraft propulsion technologies relevant to the types of missions the agency is already pursuing.

NASA said in the release it expects to make as many as 18 awards this summer, with most worth between $50,000 and $250,000 each. NASA expects to award about $2 million in total.

The goal of the Game Changing Opportunities in Technology Development program is to give experimental technologies some flight experience to prepare them for use on future space missions.