This NASA Goddard Space Flight Center illustration shows a servicing spacecraft, left, approaching a satellite needing assistance. Credit: NASA Goddard
DARPA Director Steven Walker. Credit: U.S. Air Force Photo by Michael Pausic
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wants to develop military space capabilities in low-Earth orbit. Credit: DARPA
David Barnhart, a former DARPA project manager, is a research professor in the University of Southern California's Department of Astronautical Engineering. He is also director of USC's Space Engineering Research Center, and director of the Space Systems and Technology Division in USC's Information Sciences Institute. Credit: Space Tech Expo
DARPA Launch Challenge
Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein. (Credit: USAF)
DARPA Launch Challenge
SSL satellite servicing concept
SSL satellite servicing concept
NovaWurks Satlet HISat EXCITE
MDA SIS RSGS SSL DARPA in-orbit servicing
Boeing Phamtom Express XS-1

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