Jinping ceremony
coronal mass ejection
Atlas 5 Cygnus launch
Atlas 5
Atlas 5 launch
GPS 3 satellite. Credit: Lockheed Martin
Street performer Barry McArdle crisscrossed the United States in the 1970s selling the moon for $1 an acre (isoldthemoon.com).
Moon Express's MX-1 lander. Credit: Moon Express artist's concept
French President Francois Hollande addresses parliament after the Paris terrorist attacks. Credit: French President’s Office/C. Alix M. Etchegoyen
U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks at the White House astronomy night in October (NASA/Joel Kowsky).
Caption: The international space station is seen from Space Shuttle Discovery as the two spacecraft begin their relative separation in 2008.

Credit: NASA photo

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