Thunderstorms and tornadoes are caught sweeping through the Midwest in 2011 by a NOAA satellite. Credit: NOAA
DARPA is studying whether a communications satellite with a robotic arm can put an antenna in place.  In this artist's rendering, the robotic arm is highlighted in green.  Credit: SSL.
The cover of the original NASA Manual, an 8.5 x 11 ring bound folder.
Galileo satellites
Agena-B rocket
Andrea Boese discussed diversity initiatives in STEM in New York in 2013. Copyright: Nathalie Schueller for
Falcon 9 DSCOVR Launch
MUOS-4, the next satellite scheduled to join the U.S. Navy’s Mobile User Objective System  secure communications network, has been encapsulated in its protective launch vehicle fairing for its  launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Credit: ULA
Curt Niebur, program scientist at NASa headquarters in Washington and outer planets workhorse. Credit: NASA
Global Xpress satellite. Credit: Inmarsat artist's concept
AsiaSat 8 undergoing construction
oneweb constellation
ILS Proton M
GSLV-D6 rocket
SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket.
Credit: SpaceX
A ball of plutonium-238 glows from its own energy. Credit: DoE

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