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SLS launch
An illustration of NASA's Cassini spacecraft flying by Saturn. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
Kopra spacesuit
SpaceX conducted a static fire test of the Falcon 9 rocket April 25 in preparation for an April 30 launch to carry NROL-76 into orbit. Credit: SpaceX
encapsulation Alphasat ESA
Ted Cruz
Global Eagle Entertainment GEE
Ariane 5 on the launch pad. Credit: Arianespace
The Air Force's missile warning satellite, SBIRS GEO-3, lifted off aboard a ULA Atlas 5 rocket Jan. 20, after a 24-hour delay. Credit: ULA
Europa. Credit: NASA
Trump Oval Office
Jacob Keret Spacecom Amos
SkySats in orbit
A 2011 file photo of an Ariane 5 rocket rolling out to the launch pad. Credit: Arianespace
Holger Krag, head of the European Space Agency’s Space Debris Office, only 60 percent of all missions currently end with a successful disposal of the satellite in line with orbital debris mitigation guidelines promulgated by the United Nations. Credit: ESA video screenshot

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