North Korean intermediate-range mobile missiles on parade in 2015. Credit: North Korean state-run media
North Korea launches the Hwasong-14 in July on a lofted trajectory that demonstrated sufficient range to hit the continental United States. Credit: Korean Central News Agency
U.S. military space officials want to streamline acquisition and cut costs and time to develop, buy and operate a new line of more relevant satellites. Credit: Northrop Grumman artist's concept
Planet Labs Doves ISS
Global Eagle GEE Shareco HNA
SLS launch
The OA-4 service module departs Orbital ATK's Satellite Manufacturing facility in Dulles, Virginia.  Credit: Business Wire
A missile destroys a satellite in this depiction of a scenario some U.S. planners consider inevitable. Credit: Edobric/Shuttershock
Nador Morocco Planet
In the last three years, two asteroids have come dangerously close to Earth, but these threats have been mostly ignored while NASA focuses on their largely uncertain Mars program. Credit: ESA artist's concept
A breakwater, an artificial island, and a series of massive sluice gates in the Venetian Lagoon‘s Lido Inlet as seen by a RapidEye satellite.  Credit: Planet
Mars 2020 rover

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