A 2011 file photo of an Ariane 5 rocket rolling out to the launch pad. Credit: Arianespace
Orbital ATK Bacchus facility
Dragon pad abort launch
Rocket Lab Kaitorete Spit launch site
MUOS-4 hangs above its shipping container. Credit: Lockheed Martin
Elon Musk looks on as U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Ellen Pawlikowski signs a June 2013 agreement between the service and SpaceX for the company to launch national security satellites. Credit: U.S. Air Force/ Joe Juarez
SpaceX hangar 39A
International Docking Adapter
Falcon 9 failure
Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Alabama), above, said after a three-hour hearing he would prefer the Air Force re-engine the Atlas 5 rocket. Credit: C-SPAN.
OneWeb Ariane launch
Virgin Galactic LauncherOne
OneWeb strategic partners portrait
OneWeb founder and CEO Greg Wyler talks about the production of satellite constellations. Credit: Airbus Defence and Space
Sentinel-2A being encapsulated in Vega fairing. Credit: ESA

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