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  • Roscosmos chief Igor Komarov said in March that Russia would separate its ISS modules in 2024 to form the basis of a new Russian national space station. The next month, however, he said Russia is open to staying until 2028. Credit: Energia/Tom Kimmel For SpaceNews
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    Russia’s post-ISS plans a mystery at best

    With the end of the International Space Station program looming just over the horizon, the national space agencies that back the project are scrambling to make plans for what comes next. Nowhere is this discussion more fraught than in Russia, where the issue of post-ISS efforts are wrapped up in questions about Russia’s entire future in space.

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    How Crimea fractured Ukraine’s space program

    SpaceNews Magazine's June 6 Issue features an in-depth look at the state of the Ukrainian space agency including a comprehensive interview with Lyubomyr Sabadosh, chairman of the State Space Agency, and a focus on the effect of the Russian annexation of Crimea on Ukraine's space program. For more visit