CU-SeeMe Web and MeetingPoint Conference Server Provide Critical Communications Solution for NASA, the International Space Station, and Related Educational Program

White Pine Software, Inc. , a leading provider of
multimedia conferencing applications for the Internet and intranets,
today announced that its CU-SeeMe® Web and MeetingPoint(TM) products
have been selected by AZ Technology, under a contract with NASA, to
provide a `voice over the Internet’ solution for a NASA’s
International Space Station (ISS) program. The project is tied into
the Payload Operations Center at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center
in Huntsville, Alabama. AZ Technology, also of Huntsville, will be
developing the project’s client interface using the CU-SeeMe Web
software development kit (SDK).

In addition to providing for communication between NASA sites and
the Space Station, the project also does significant public outreach
through an educational program which allows science and math students
in middle schools and high schools around the United States to
interface with NASA researchers. White Pine’s technology is providing
the voice conferencing capabilities that facilitate the interaction
between students, teachers and researchers.

“This project is particularly exciting because it engages students
directly with NASA researchers and astronauts and increases their
interest in math and science,” said Bob Bradford, NASA engineer from
Marshall Center. “The ability to communicate verbally over the
Internet in real-time is critical to this program’s success. White
Pine’s MeetingPoint and CU-SeeMe Web give us a solid and flexible
solution that can scale with our needs.”

White Pine’s technology is integrated into a custom web interface
that is used as a central communications center for members of NASA
and educational program participants.

“The fact that AZ Technology and NASA has chosen White Pine as its
solution of choice speaks to the strengths of both our technology and
our responsiveness and reliability as a vendor,” said Gary W. McGuire,
director of sales for White Pine. “There are a number of companies
that have voice over IP technologies, but White Pine is unique in that
it offers a full suite of communications tools including real-time
video and collaboration components that NASA could choose to integrate
in the future.”

About White Pine Software

White Pine Software develops, markets and supports multi-platform
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video and audio communication and data collaboration across the
Internet, intranets, extranets and other networks that use the
Internet Protocol. White Pine’s videoconferencing software products,
CU-SeeMe and MeetingPoint, create a client-server solution that allows
users to participate in real-time, multi-point video, audio and data
conferences over the Internet and intranets. White Pine Software can
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