Cover of February 29th Spacenews Magazine

It used to be that if you kept up with SpaceNews online, you weren’t missing all that much by not subscribing to our print edition. As a digital-first news organization, the paper had become little more than a compilation of what we already ran on the web.

That’s no longer true.

Since relaunching SpaceNews in January as a glossy magazine,  we’ve been sending our subscribers 32 pages of exclusive, thoughtful and engaging content every two weeks.

Our Feb. 29 cover story, “Intelsat’s Epic wager,”  SpaceNews Paris Bureau Chief Peter B. de Selding examines whether Intelsat’s new Epic satellite series represents a do-or-die situation for the company. The story features a hard-hitting interview with Intelsat CEO Stephen Spengler, who disclosed last week that his company is working with Guggenheim Securities to explore debt-restructuring options.

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Also in this issue:

  • United Launch Alliance Tory Bruno attempts to set the record straight on the company’s $800 million  Air Force launch capabilities contract, which competitors have branded a “retainer” or “subsidy.”
  • David Pugliese, takes a look at the reasons why Canada made such a fuss over MDA’s proposed 2008 sales to Alliant Techsystems but sat on its hands when an American company came calling for Canada’s second-largest space company.
  • SpaceNews senior writer Jeff Foust writes about what the U.S. is doing to prepare for “the next Carrington event,” a powerful solar storm that could wreak havoc on space- and ground-based infrastructure if it happened today instead of 1859.
  • In his regular column, “The Bottom Line,” de Selding dissects  the puzzling privatization pullback exemplified by the European Space Agency’s recent move to take over Airbus’ role as Europe’s space station prime contractor.

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Brian Berger is editor in chief of and the SpaceNews magazine. He joined in 1998, spending his first decade with the publication covering NASA. His reporting on the 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia accident was...