The purpose of the webinar was to explore how today’s SmallSat leaders are employing automation in satellite operations and manufacturing. Among the questions the webinar addressed:

  • How is automation changing the way satellites are being designed, built, deployed and operated?
  • What level of automation is necessary to keep smallsats competitive?
  • Is the smallsat sector ready for the level of automation necessary to support emerging in-orbit serving and in-space manufacturing applications?
  • Do smallsats have the onboard processing capability to run the complex algorithms required for rendezvous and proximity operations?

Sponsored by

Apogee Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company focused on developing differentiated integrated circuits (ICs) for the commercial space industry. Their IC’s have been successfully integrated by customers to enhance the Single Event Effects (SEE) resilience of their systems. Apogee Semi’s components serve as crucial ‘bridges’ between commercial and rad-hard components, empowering project teams to utilize less radiation-tolerant commercial alternatives. In addition, Apogee Semi has a specifically crafted commercial grade flow, which provides the optimal balance between reliability and cost for small satellites. The cost-effectiveness of this approach surpasses that of purchasing commercial components and subjecting them to expensive upscreening processes. Learn more.