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The Mars Society is requesting volunteers to participate
as members of the crew of the Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station during
an extended simulation of human Mars exploration operations
on Devon Island during the summer of 2001.

It is anticipated that the field
season will run from late June through late August; volunteers should
state during what segments of this span they are available. Both volunteer
investigators who bring a new proposed program of research compatible
with the objectives of Flashline Station, and volunteers simply wishing to
participate as crew members supporting ongoing investigations will be

Applications will be considered from anyone in good
physical condition above 18 years of age without regard to race, creed,
color, gender, or nation. Scientific, engineering, practical mechanical,
first aid, wilderness, and literary skills are all considered a plus. Dedication
to the cause of human Mars exploration is an absolute must, as conditions
are likely to be tough and the job will be very trying. Team spirit is

Those selected will be required to participate in short (a few
days) crew training exercises to take place in the western United States
during the spring of 2001, and to act under crew discipline and strict
mission protocols during the field season on Devon Island. The Mars Society
will pay travel and related expenses during training and field deployment,
but, aside from potential student stipends, there will be no salary.

Applications including resume, character references, a
brief letter explaining why you wish to participate, and a summary of any
proposed research should be sent to:

Mars Society

PO Box 273,

Indian Hills, CO 80454

no later than January 31, 2001.

Total length ofapplications should not exceed three pages.

Please include seven copies of
the entire application in addition to the original.

Submitted applications will be reviewed by members of the Flashline Management Committee.

Applications will NOT be accepted by email.

If you have specific questions regarding this
announcement please direct them to the appropriate email address listed

General inquiries – volunteers@marssociety.org

Media inquiries – rzubrin@marssociety.org

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