ManTech Systems Engineering Corporation of Fairfax, Va.,
has won a $82.3 million contract to provide engineering and
technician mechanical support at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight
Center, Greenbelt, Md.

Goddard builds instruments and satellites that monitor the
Earth’s vital signs, study the Sun and its influence on our
planet and peer into the deepest reaches of space for answers
to fundamental questions about the origin and fate of the

To accomplish this task, Goddard operates the Environmental
Test and Integration Facility to assemble the instruments and
satellites and verify their ability to withstand the rigors of
launch and the extremes of space. The contractor will provide
engineering and technical services for the operation,
maintenance and modernization of the facility.

This facility is one of the most complete and comprehensive
within the United States government for environmental test and
qualification of space flight hardware. The facility includes
clean-room assembly and check-out areas, thermal vacuum
chambers, a high capacity centrifuge, an acoustic test cell,
electro-dynamic shakers, static-load test facilities, a modal
test facility, electromagnetic compatibility test facilities
and a magnetic characterization test facility.

The cost-plus-award-fee contract begins on May 1, 2002.