Virgin Galactic and the Spaceship Company — Virgin’s joint venture with Scaled Composites to build the SpaceShipTwo suborbital spaceplane and its WhiteKnightTwo carrier aircraft — announced April 30 they are seeking to fill a combined 18 positions.

Virgin Galactic said in a press release it is accepting applications for six positions: operations engineer, seat mechanism designer, design engineer, IT manager, regulatory compliance manager and embedded systems software developer. The company’s space systems development division is seeking a mechanical designer, mechanical lead, guidance/navigation/control lead and chief engineer. The majority of the Virgin Galactic jobs are based in Mojave and Pasadena, Calif. A few are at New Mexico’s Spaceport America, Virgin Galactic’s future headquarters.

The Spaceship Company has eight openings in Mojave, including aircraft mechanical systems engineer, senior integration engineer for WhiteKnightTwo, engineering manager for aircraft systems, composite stress analyst engineer, pneumatic and hydraulic engineer, structural test engineer, structural design engineer, and computer numerical control machine operator and programmer.