Vint Cerf, “Interplanetary Internet” NGI Distinguished Lecture – 1 March 2000, 1 PM EST

In order to expand the potential of Internet protocol beyond
our realm and into space, I recently began working with NASA’s
Jet Propulsion Laboratory on a new project. The project
entails developing an interplanetary communications system
based on a special set of protocols that would carry
transmissions between planets.

The DARPA and NSF NGI Programs are proud to announce the second
event in the NGI Distinguished Lecturer series of live and telecast
seminars on Next Generation Internet technologies. Vint Cerf is
senior vice president of Internet Architecture and Technology for
MCI Worldcom. Cerf is the co-designer of the TCP/IP protocol, the
communications protocol that gave birth to the Internet and which
is commonly used today. In December 1997, President Clinton
presented the U.S. National Medal of Technology to Cerf and his
partner, Robert E. Kahn, for founding and developing the Internet.
During his tenure from 1976-1982 with the U.S. Department of
Defense’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Cerf played a
key role leading the development of Internet and Internet-related
data packet and security technologies. Cerf served as founding
president of the Internet Society from 1992-1995 and as the
chairman of the Board from 1998-1999. He is a fellow of the IEEE,
ACM, American Association for the Advancement of Science, the
American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of
Engineering. He is on the Board of Directors of the Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.


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