Coming out of the United Nations climate change conference, methane is in the spotlight. International experts see cutting methane emissions as a key to slowing climate change. A growing fleet of government and commercial satellites are revealing methane leaks around the world. We’ll discuss the importance of these observations and campaigns to monitor methane with experts from NASA, NOAA, Carbon Mapper, GHGSat and MethaneSAT.

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Environmental monitoring satellites drive innovative solutions to address the most pressing challenges of our time, from early warning of dangerous pollution events and wildfires to monitoring land use changes and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Ball Aerospace developed the high-performance, advanced spectrometer for the MethaneSAT mission, which will have the ability to locate and measure methane emissions across the globe. Expected to launch in 2024, we partnered with MethaneSAT, LLC, a subsidiary of the Environmental Defense Fund, on the mission. 

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