We are pleased to announce the recent launch of the new USGS Astrogeology Research Program website:


The site is a portal to information on our research, projects, and
products. Featured on the site is information about our long history in
planetary and terrestrial mapping and geology, our past and current mission
involvement, and where we’re headed in the future. Plus, you’ll find news,
solar system information, career postings, image galleries, and more!
Whether you’re a kid, scientist, teacher, or enthusiast, you’ll find a
wealth of information and resources about our solar system and the work
we’re doing to unlock its secrets.

The mission of the USGS Astrogeology Research Program is to establish and
maintain geoscientific and technical expertise in planetary science and
remote sensing to:

* scientifically study and map the solar system’s planetary
bodies, asteroids, and comets,

* plan and conduct planetary exploration missions, and

* explore and develop new technologies in data processing
and analysis, archiving, and distribution.

The Astrogeology Research Program contributes to and serves to support a
variety of projects for agencies throughout the Federal Government,
including NASA, JPL, Departments of Defense and Energy, and the USGS.

We participate in all phases of flight mission support through providing
scientific input for mission planning, creating precise planetary images
and maps, and supplying landing site maps and characterization. Our mission
participation and activities include the 2003 Mars Exploration Rover, the
Cassini Mission to Saturn, Clementine, Galileo, Mars Odyssey,
Near/Shoemaker, Deep Space 1, and Space Shuttle Imaging Radar.

Scientists in the Astrogeology Research Program research topics in a number
of fields such as terrestrial and planetary remote sensing and monitoring,
planetary geologic processes, and astrobiology. An important aspect of the
Astrogeology Research Program’s work is involved in planetary cartography
and mapping. There is a wide variety of information developed in this
field, including geodesy, photogrammetry, image processing, geologic
mapping, and nomenclature.

If you have questions about the Astrogeology Research Program, see our
website for contact information:


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