Virtual Prototypes, a division of
eNGENUITY Technologies Inc., , today announced that they have been
selected as a provider of technology to United Space Alliance. eNGENUITY
Technologies Inc. is a leading supplier of collaborative tools for the smart
engineering of high- reliability systems over the Web. Its Virtual Prototypes’
division has been for many years a leading provider of development tools for
safety-critical and mission-critical embedded systems in the aerospace,
defense, and automotive markets.

The contract, valued in excess of $650,000 USD includes the purchase of
Virtual Prototypes’ VAPS and CCG Lite graphical and prototyping products for
Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs). Virtual Prototypes’ Commercial-Off-The-Shelf
(COTS) prototyping, design and code-generation tools will be used in United
Space Alliance simulators and development laboratories. They will also play a
significant role in the development and upgrade of existing Space Shuttles
which are scheduled to be fitted with new MEDS (Multi-function Electronic
Display System) cockpit instrumentation. These new shuttle cockpit displays
will be prototyped and designed using Virtual Prototypes’ technology.

“We are proud to be part of this prestigious program. We have been
developing tools for Safety-critical, Business-critical and Mission-critical
applications for over 15 years. The use of our tools in one of the most
demanding environments imaginable – Space – is another testimonial to the
sterling reputation of our company in developing and delivering highly-
reliable products and services,” said Philippe Collard, President and CEO of
eNGENUITY Technologies Inc.

United Space Alliance (USA) is a limited liability company, owned equally
by Lockheed Martin and Boeing. Under their Space Flight Operations contract
with NASA, USA is in the process of upgrading all four Space Shuttles with
Glass Cockpits. The C code generated by CCG Lite, from the VAPS prototypes,
will be deployed in these shuttle cockpits, the first of which is expected to
be ready for launch as early as the year 2005.

  • About United Space Alliance
  • As NASA’s prime contractor for the Space Shuttle, USA is responsible for

the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the Shuttle system, including
ground and flight system upgrades. One of the world’s leading space operations
companies, USA offers products and services in Space Systems Training, Space
Hardware Processing, Launch and Return Operations, and On-Orbit Operations.

  • About Virtual Prototypes
  • Virtual Prototypes is a division of eNGENUITY Technologies Inc., a

leading supplier of collaborative tools for the smart engineering of high-
reliability systems over the Web. Virtual Prototypes develops and markets a
suite of powerful Virtual Product Engineering products used for specifying,
designing, developing, testing, and deploying real-time, interactive,
graphical human-machine interfaces (HMI). Virtual Prototypes’ VAPS product is
the defacto standard for the design and development of electronic cockpit
instrumentation. SPeED is used in the automotive industry by companies such as
DaimlerChrysler, Visteon, Magneti Marelli, and many other OEMs and suppliers.
Virtual Prototypes’ CCG Lite product can automatically generate C code from
the VAPS graphical simulations of a complex electronic system. The generated
code becomes part of the final application. QCG automatically generates code
from VAPS simulations for systems that require DO-178B certification.

  • About eNGENUITY Technologies Inc.
  • eNGENUITY Technologies Inc. is a leading supplier of collaborative tools

for the smart engineering of high-reliability systems over the Web. eNGENUITY
Technologies’ products are used for the development of mission-critical,
safety-critical, and business-critical applications in a variety of sectors
including aerospace, defense, automotive, transportation, telecommunications
and medical instrumentation. Headquartered in Montreal, eNGENUITY Technologies
Inc. has two subsidiaries: Xtend in Salt Lake City and LOOX Software in Paris
as well as offices and distributors throughout Canada, the United States,
Europe and Asia. eNGENUITY Technologies Inc. has over 500 customers in 29
countries around the world.