One of the most important discoveries made by NASA’s Hubble
Space Telescope in the past few years will be the subject of
the next Space Science Update, scheduled for Monday, April 2,
at 1 p.m. EDT, at NASA Headquarters. Called “Blast from The
Past,” the Update will feature a discussion of why this
particular exploding star, seen at extreme distance from
Earth, is causing a stir in scientific circles.

Panelists will be:

* Dr. Adam G. Riess, astronomer, Space Telescope Science
Institute (STScI), Baltimore, MD

* Dr. Peter Nugent, staff scientist, Lawrence Berkeley
National Laboratory’s National Energy Research Scientific
Computing Center, Berkeley, CA

* Dr. Michael S. Turner is the Bruce V. and Diana M. Rauner
Distinguished Service Professor and Chair of the Department
of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Chicago
in Chicago, IL

* Dr. Meg Urry, astronomer, STScI

* Dr. Anne L. Kinney, Director of NASA’s Origins Program, is
panel moderator

The update will originate from the James E. Webb Auditorium at
NASA Headquarters, 300 E St., S.W., Washington, DC, and will
be carried live on NASA Television with two-way question-and-
answer capability for reporters covering the event from
participating NASA centers. NASA TV is broadcast on the GE2
satellite which is located on Transponder 9C, at 85 degrees
West longitude, frequency 3880.0 MHz, audio 6.8 MHz. Audio of
the broadcast will also be available by calling the Kennedy
Space Center, FL, at 321/867-1220 and the event will be
webcast live at: