has been named prime contractor of a combined team for the
Department of Defense’s missile tracking Space-Based Infrared System Low
(SBIRS Low) program, under a new agreement reached with the DoD’s Missile
Defense Agency.

In the new combined team approach, TRW subcontractor Spectrum Astro will
play a key role developing spacecraft while Raytheon and Northrop Grumman will
develop sensor payloads under competitive subcontracts to TRW.
Prior to
restructuring, TRW, with Raytheon as a principal team member, and Spectrum
Astro, with Northrop Grumman, led competing teams to define requirements and
complete conceptual designs for an operational SBIRS Low system.

“This combined team offers a compelling, evolutionary approach to lowering
technology risk for the program by combining the best and the brightest from
both previous teams,” said Tim Hannemann, member of TRW’s Chief Executive
“At the same time, the team preserves competition in developing the
critical sensor elements of the satellite payload, ensuring that the best
technology prevails.
Our experience as a prime contractor and the talent on
our team will ensure that we meet the goals of the capabilities-based approach
that the Missile Defense Agency has established for this key program.”

The Missile Defense Agency’s budget requests for SBIRS Low total
$3.63 billion valufiscal years 2003 through 2007, although the program will
continue beyond that five-year funding horizon.
Program plans call for launch
of the first SBIRS Low satellites (Block 06) in 2006-2007, to be followed by
launches of upgraded satellites in subsequent blocks.

SBIRS Low is a critical enabler for the United States’ missile defense
system, providing end-to-end infrared tracking of missiles throughout their
As the Missile Defense Agency’s only global tracking system,
SBIRS Low eliminates coverage gaps and works synergistically with other assets
to improve performance of the overall missile defense system.
capabilities-based acquisition approach will allow the SBIRS Low program to
focus on early development and deployment of missile tracking satellites,
while system capability can evolve as technology advances.

TRW Space & Electronics, an operating unit of TRW Inc., builds
communications, scientific and defense spacecraft.
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approximately $16.4 billion in 2001, provides advanced-technology products and
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