TRW Inc.
is hosting a team of government officials at its Space Park
facility for an in-depth review of the company’s proposal for the National
Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System (NPOESS). NPOESS
will provide complete coverage of meteorological conditions for civil,
military and scientific purposes.

More than 100 government representatives are gathering for two weeks at
Space Park for a proposal risk mitigation oral presentation. TRW and teammate
Raytheon will address aspects of their design, including its significant risk
reduction demonstrations and high level of system maturity. The government is
expected to select a prime contractor this autumn to build the system, valued
at more than $4 billion including options, whose first satellite will be
available for launch in 2008.

“NPOESS is a critical program, to the nation and to TRW,” said Tim
Hannemann, president and chief executive officer, TRW Space & Electronics.
“We have the management breadth and technical insight to make NPOESS an
unqualified success. We are looking forward to conveying our knowledge and
commitment in the coming days.”

The TRW team performed rigorous end-to-end system development, especially
focusing on the interface data processing segment, during a 36-month
preliminary design and risk reduction phase. Led by experienced personnel
with demonstrated track records in remote sensing and mission data processing,
the team’s proposal is designed to support NPOESS in greatly improving the
timeliness and accuracy of weather forecasting models.

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