TRW Inc.
has completed the Critical Design Review (CDR), a major milestone
in its contract with Astrium to build deployable AstroMesh(TM) reflectors
for the INMARSAT I-4.

The CDR covered all aspects of TRW’s reflector design including the
boom, deployment assembly and tie-down structure, and verified that the
design meets Astrium’s requirements.

INMARSAT I-4, scheduled to become operational in 2004, will provide
broadband services to customers across the United States, Europe, Africa,
Asia, South America, Canada and part of Australia, plus ocean coverage. TRW
will provide reflectors for the system that will consist of two satellites
plus one spare.

“With the CDR completed, we have the green light to start integration
and test of the reflectors,” said James Conlan, president, TRW Astro
Aerospace. “These highly accurate reflectors will ensure that data is
transmitted quickly and efficiently to ground stations and gateway
terminals. We believe AstroMesh reflectors will help to provide high quality
services to INMARSAT I-4 customers.”

TRW is building three 9-meter, 90-kilogram L-band AstroMesh reflectors
for Astrium. A protoflight reflector will be delivered to Astrium in
Toulouse, France, in August 2002 for integration onto the spacecraft.

Reflectors are a key component of an antenna, reflecting radio frequency
energy and focusing it into a pattern on the ground. TRW’s AstroMesh
reflectors combine receive/feed functions into one reflector, eliminating
the need for separate feed and receive antennas and creating a large,
lightweight reflector. The reflectors are scalable to meet mission
requirements and have been built in 6- and 12.25-meter configurations.

A 12.25-meter AstroMesh reflector became operational onboard the
Thuraya-1 geosynchronous communications satellite last November.

AstroMesh reflectors are built by TRW’s Astro Aerospace subsidiary,
which designs and manufactures space deployable structures, including
deployable truss masts, telescopic booms, storable tubular extendible
members, solar arrays and deep truss structures.

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