The National
Reconnaissance Office’s (NRO) Geosynchronous Lightweight Technology
Experiment (GeoLITE) satellite, built by TRW (NYSE:TRW), is slated for
launch on May 17 on a Boeing Delta-II launch vehicle at Cape Canaveral Air
Force Station.

GeoLITE, an advanced technology demonstration satellite, is the first
mission for TRW’s T-310 satellite bus, a new lightweight, highly stable
platform capable of a range of missions. TRW has system integration
responsibility for GeoLITE, including the satellite development, integration
and preparation for launch.

The satellite was designed and built in 3 1/2 years using streamlined
program methodologies.

“We’re very proud that the NRO entrusted its GeoLITE program to TRW,”
said Tim Hannemann, president and CEO of TRW Space & Electronics. “Through a
rigorous development process that included use of our new T-310 bus and
application of evolving commercial processes, we have provided our customer
an outstanding experimental communications satellite.”

TRW’s T-310 modular bus design provides flexible capability for a
variety of applications, including geostationary communications and weather
observation missions, as well as planetary missions. The design features
common subsystems scalable to the mission-specific needs.

Instrument payloads can be attached on a “mix and match” basis without
changes in the overall design or subsystem support requirements. Weighing
less than 1,500 pounds and equipped with 1.2 kilowatts (end-of-life) of
electric power, the T-310 bus for GeoLITE is built of lightweight composite
materials that allow for increased instrument weight and reduced launch

TRW’s GeoLITE program team initiated several innovative commercial
process improvements throughout the development of the spacecraft, including
a small project team, modular assembly and test, streamlined business
practices and Web-based documentation. These process improvements enabled
less costly spacecraft design, shortened the integration and test schedule
and facilitated program execution.

TRW Space & Electronics builds communications, scientific and defense
spacecraft for military, civil and commercial customers; produces,
integrates and tests payloads; develops advanced space instruments; and
integrates experiments into spacecraft.

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