TransOrbital, Inc., a leader in the commercial development of Space, is
pleased to announce that Dr. Dennis Henderson has been elected to the
TransOrbital Board of Directors. Holding both an aerospace Ph.D. and an
MBA, Dr. Henderson brings a broad base of technical skills and business
experience, along with an in-depth understanding of the market for
space-related commerce.

Dr. Henderson has held senior positions in Boeing’s Advanced Systems and
Technology Division in Long Beach, CA as well as Boeing’s Strategic
Planning Group in Huntington Beach, CA. His accomplishments include the
management of several technology development areas, strategic planning and
analysis, and investigation of new business opportunities, including
Internet, e-commerce and multi-media areas. He was also an instrumental
member of the team assembled by Boeing’s Space and Communications Division
to conduct the multi-billion dollar acquisition of Hughes Space &

“Dr. Henderson will be a key contributor to the successful development of
TransOrbital’s corporate infrastructure and growth plan”, said Dennis
Laurie, TransOrbital’s President and CEO. “He brings exceptional
experience and leadership in providing innovative solutions for customers
while ensuring that every program makes good business sense.”

TransOrbital, Inc. is a supplier of aerospace design and analysis services,
spacecraft, and commercial space missions. Currently, TransOrbital is
constructing the 2001 TrailBlazer spacecraft, a commercial lunar orbiter
designed to return high-resolution video images from the moon. Established
in 1998, TransOrbital ( intends to win the
new “Race to the Moon” by being the first company to orbit the Moon with a
completely commercial spacecraft. The spacecraft’s primary mission is to
return HDTV video and other multi-media content from lunar orbit to market
as commercial products. The spacecraft will also deliver a time capsule to
the moon, carrying small cargo items such as personal memorabilia and
business cards. The 2001 TrailBlazer Project is a for-profit space
venture. “We want to do for the Moon what Jacques Cousteau did for marine
exploration – to go, look, sell the images and repeat it again and again.”

The 2001 TrailBlazer project will be presented at the Space Frontier
Conference 9 (; Oct. 19-22 in
Los Angeles, CA at the Manhattan Beach Marriott.

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