Time Warner Telecom Wins Competitive Five-Year Contract With Kennedy Space Center

Time Warner Telecom Inc., a leader in providing metro and regional optical broadband
networks and services to business customers, today announced a five-year
contract to deliver local telecom services to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in
Time Warner Telecom is extending its network to provide the service
through a private, secure connection for Kennedy Space Center.

Time Warner Telecom was chosen over multiple competitors to provide the
As part of the agreement, Time Warner Telecom is providing 19 PRIs
for local dial tone service, more than 20,000 phone numbers, 72 digital trunks
for outbound 800 number traffic, and 21 POTS lines located throughout Central
Florida that are used to measure sound and seismic activity during launches.
Time Warner Telecom will deliver the service through an OC-48 connection that
will be installed in early March 2002.

“Kennedy Space Center recognizes the value of the solutions that we
offered through a private, secure, and reliable network,” said Rich Santoro,
regional vice president Southeast for Time Warner Telecom.
“Our focus and
execution makes us a stable, attractive competitor for local and regional
telecom services.”

About Time Warner Telecom Inc.

Time Warner Telecom Inc., headquartered in Littleton, Colo., delivers
“last-mile” broadband data, dedicated Internet access and voice services for
businesses in 44 U.S. metropolitan areas.
Time Warner Telecom Inc. is one of
the country’s premier competitive telecom carriers delivers fast, powerful and
flexible, fiber, facilities-based metro and regional optical networks to large
and medium customers.
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