LONDON, March 7 2001 – The London Satellite Exchange and AstroExpo today announced a marketing alliance that makes it easier for customers to access a greater array of online space products. The London Satellite Exchange is the first online exchange for the satellite industry. AstroExpo hosts virtual exhibit booths for satellite manufacturers.

The London Satellite Exchange’s members post satellite capacity for sale on its website; their buy orders are submitted by filling out a form online. The London Satellite Exchange’s traders are highly skilled engineers, able to put buyers and sellers together in a well-defined framework.

AstroExpo promotes satellite manufacturing companies on its website Each company is provided with a Virtual Exhibition Booth, which includes product and contact information. Procurement officers and other users can quickly and easily search the Virtual Exhibit Hall for space-qualified products and services. AstroExpo funnels sales leads directly through to its participating companies.

“This alliance further increases our online presence, especially to the satellite manufacturing community, and we expect it to provide a solid source of business,” said Frank Genin, CEO of The London Satellite Exchange.

“We welcome this alliance with The London Satellite Exchange, and expect it to be a long and fruitful relationship. This is yet another example of the growing importance of the online world aiding the development of real world business ventures,” said Samuel Liebowitz, CEO, AstroExpo.

About AstroExpo

AstroExpo provides a Virtual Exhibit Hall which posts detailed product and company data. Participants’ booths are hyperlinked back their own websites, and there are also e-mail links. AstroExpo’s Virtual Exhibit Hall is not a marketplace. For now, will not be conducting online sales or procurements. Instead, the Virtual Exhibit Booths provide an easy, one-stop place for space designers to find host companies and their space-proven products, services and capabilities — from fasteners to satellites to qualification testing.

About The London Satellite Exchange

The London Satellite Exchange is the first-ever marketplace for the satellite industry. The Exchange’s traders provide advice on the purchase or sale of satellite capacity. The traders at The London Satellite Exchange are able to undertake the whole process of obtaining requirements, preparing technical surveys, opening the bidding, preparing the link budget, pre-negotiating the contract terms and finally bringing the two parties together. In addition to space capacity, The London Satellite Exchange’s consultants also provide advice on procurement of ground segment hardware and teleport services.

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