The cities involved in designing and building Europe’s Ariane launch vehicle are organizing their
second consecutive summer school on the theme of launcher technology and users’
expectations. The first summer school, which focused on launcher-payload interfaces, was held
last year in Bremen, Germany. This year’s event will take place at the Ensica and Supaero
aerospace engineering schools in Toulouse from 11 August to 1 September.

The programme will focus on analysing propulsion system performance in relation to customers’
needs and will be attended by 24 students and young engineers, eight each from France,
Germany and Italy. Activities will combine both scientific and technical aspects with economic,
logistical and management considerations.

Lecturers from the two schools will oversee the projects and run teaching sessions and
workshops on structural dynamics (Ensica) and performance (Supaero). Specialists from other
establishments will provide input on topics such as space projects, propulsion and systems.

The participants will form three cross-cultural teams to conduct projects aimed at drafting
recommendations for future launcher developments. On 31 August, a panel of experts from the
European space industry will select the most impressive and original project. The prize, offered
by Arianespace, will be announced during the ceremony.

The programme also includes sightseeing tours and visits to aerospace plants. On 21 August,
participants will spend the day at the European Space Festival in Millau, an annual event
organized by CNES for young microrocket enthusiasts.

On Friday 31 August at 6.30 p.m., following the closing ceremony, a press briefing will be held at
the Mairie de Toulouse. It will be attended by the event organizers plus representatives from
the Community of Ariane Cities, Issat (Institut des Sciences Spatiales et Applications de
Toulouse) and CNES.

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