Since the mid 1990s the issue of asteroid or comet impacts has become
one of the hottest science topics in the public domain. However, over
the past few years the public has often been given confusing and,
equally often, inaccurate information.

On 1 January 2002 the Comet and Asteroid Information Network (CAIN) will
become active. Co-ordinated by the Spaceguard Centre in Wales (the
International Spaceguard Information Centre), science centres around the
country are participating in the project. The aim is to provide timely,
accurate and unbiased information on the subject of Near Earth Objects,
the hazard posed to the Earth, the methods by which the risk can be
reduced and current space policy issues to the public, politicians,
decision makers and the media.

The Phase 1 Regional Centres are:

  • The Armagh Observatory and Planetarium
  • The Eden Project
  • Glamorgan University
  • The Glasgow Science Centre
  • Herstmonceux Science Centre
  • Jodrell Bank Visitor Centre
  • Liverpool John Moores University
  • Roseland Observatory
  • Techniquest

    A full list, with contact details, can be found at Annex A.

    For Phase 2, the National Space Centre (Leicester) heads the list of
    institutions that have been invited to participate, and CAIN welcomes
    applications from science, educational and outreach organisations to

    The government (British National Space Centre) will shortly announce the
    identity of the new National NEO Information Centre. Although the new
    Centre will not be able to comment on a number of aspects of the NEO
    hazard (due to contractual obligations to the BNSC) it is hoped that
    there will be close co-operation between it and the well-established
    Spaceguard Centre (Spaceguard UK) and its extensive network of national
    and international contacts.


    JR Tate, FRAS                     Tel:     01547 520247
    The Spaceguard Centre             Fax:     01547 520247
    Llanshay Lane                     Mobile:  07968 195625
    Knighton, Powys                   E-Mail:
    LD7 1LW                           Website:

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    Annex A



    Armagh Observatory and Planetarium

    Professor ME Bailey

    Armagh Observatory

    College Hill


    BT61 9DG

    Northern Ireland

    Tel: 028 3752 2928

    Herstmonceux Science Centre

    Dr John Becklake

    Herstmonceux Science Centre

    Herstmonceux Castle


    East Sussex

    BN27 1RP

    Tel: 01323 832731

    Fax: 01323 832741

    Glasgow Science Centre

    Mario DiMaggio

    Glasgow Science Centre

    50 Pacific Quay


    G51 1EA

    Liverpool JMU and Museum

    Dr Mike Simcoe, Dr Andy Newsam

    Astrophysics Research Institute

    Liverpool John Moores University

    Twelve Quays House

    Egerton Wharf


    L41 1LD

    Tel: 0151 231 2920

    The Eden Project

    Dr A D (Tony) Kendle
    Eden Foundation
    Watering Lane Nursery
    St Austell
    PL26 6BE
    Tel: 01726 222900
    Fax: 01726 222901

    University of Glamorgan

    Dr Paul Roche

    Dept of Earth and Space Sciences

    School of Applied Sciences

    University of Glamorgan


    CF37 1DL

    Tel: 01443 482785

    Fax: 01443 482285

    Jodrell Bank Visitor Centre

    Ian Morison

    Jodrell Bank Science Centre

    Lower Withington



    SK11 9DL

    Tel: 01477 571321

    Fax: 01477571618,

    Roseland Observatory

    Brian Sheen

    Roseland Observatory

    92 Par Green



    PL24 2AG

    Tel: 01726 813602


    Anita Shaw


    Stuart Street


    CF10 6BW

    Tel: 02920 475475

    Fax: 02920 482517>