The California Space Authority (CSA) is pleased to announce
that after an extensive search, Robert M. Davis has accepted the position of Chief
Executive Officer. Mr. Davis will take over the responsibilities of CEO on
September 1, 2001, from Michael Cavalier who has served in that capacity on an
interim basis.

“CSA is extremely pleased to have Robert Davis join us as our new CEO,” stated
Gen. Don Cromer, USAF ret. and Chairman of CSA’s Board of Directors. “His
strong professional aerospace stature and leadership will help us move California’s
space and technology agenda forward.”

“For all that has been accomplished, space enterprise is still in its infancy,” said
Mr. Davis. “California’s space industry has been, and is destined to remain, at the
forefront of global space business development. I am thrilled with the opportunity
to lead the continued development of California’s space enterprise.”

Mr. Davis began his career as a Naval Officer and Aviator, serving on active duty from 1970 to 1975. Upon leaving the Navy, he
worked as an R&D/Product Development engineer with Energy Absorption Systems, Inc. developing highway impact attenuation
products. In 1977 he began his work with the Aerojet- General Corporation in Sacramento. While with Aerojet, Mr. Davis worked
as project manager on the propulsion subsystems for NASA’s space shuttle orbiters, and as program manager on the Titan II
program overseeing its transition from ICBM to space launch vehicle. He held several positions within Aerojet before becoming
Vice President of Strategic Business Development.

In 1997 Mr. Davis left Aerojet to assist in the successful startup of Alert Technologies Corporation, a productivity software
development company. In 1998 he joined Kelly Space and Technology as President and CEO. From 1996-1998, Mr. Davis also
served as subcommittee Chair on the Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee created to advise the Federal
Aviation Administration on regulations and licensing of the reusable launch vehicle industry. He has also served on key
committees of the American Institute of Aeronautics, as member and Chair of the Space Transportation Technical Committee, and
thereafter as a member of the Public Policy Committee.

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Working closely with the Division of Science, Technology and Innovation within the California Technology, Trade and
Commerce Agency, the CSA maximizes the state’s space-related potential by developing, managing, coordinating funding for, or
otherwise supporting, California-based space activities.