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Telespazio unveils product line for NewSpace market

Telespazio is continuing to support large complex spacecraft through Ease Mission. Ease Rise is the company’s product designed to simply the management of large constellations, cubesats and small satellites. Credit: Telespazio

LOGAN, Utah — Spaceflight services company Telespazio is beginning to offer a family of products to help commercial space companies set up a digitized ground segment in the cloud.

Under the brand name Ease, Telespazio offers products to help satellite operators control spacecraft and receive telemetry and data — services the Rome-based company has performed for decades in support of government and large commercial space missions.

Telespazio is continuing to support large complex spacecraft through Ease-Mission. Ease-Rise is the company’s product designed to simplify the management of large constellations, cubesats and small satellites.

Ease-Access offers access to ground stations operated by Telespazio and partners, including Leaf Space and AWS Ground Station.

“Any customer can come to us, and by using our products, they don’t need to procure different ground segment elements from different companies,” Andres Martinez, Telespazio Germany sales director, told SpaceNews.

Rounding out the family of products is Ease-Ground, which obtains data from space-based payloads, processes data and imagery, and delivers them to customers.

Increasingly, Telespazio is seeing a new breed of spaceflight customers who do not want to establish their own ground stations or manage the transfer of data to and from satellites.

“If a customer wants to deploy a constellation, they will knock on our door, and they can select our products,” Martinez said. “They will forget about anything that has to do with ground segments.”

Telespazio’s family of standard products is designed to reduce the cost of the ground segment.

“In space, traditionally, every system was tailor-made for every mission,” Martinez said. “We’re running away from that approach because it’s costly, and it takes time.”

In 2019, Telespazio subsidiary Telespazio Germany began selling a cloud-based platform for space operations. The platform, now part of Ease Rise, has evolved and matured in terms of the features and capabilities based on customer feedback, said Zeina Mounzer, Telespazio Germany’s chief commercial officer.

“The Ease products are complementary rather than overlapping,” Mounzer added.

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