70,000 people from around the world have already joined Team Encounter.
Many have submitted their names, messages, photographs and DNA for
our 2004 launch

YOU can include any species on board Humanity’s First Starship!
You can include your pet dog, cat, bird or fish on board this exciting
adventure to the stars. Gardeners can include their favorite flowering
plant. Environmentalists can include an endangered species. Students
can include species they study in their classes. In short, with
this announcement Team Encounter becomes an Ark for the 21st century!

kick off this new dimension to the Team Encounter mission, Team
Encounter and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment are proud
to announce the inclusion of 2 “space chimps” on board
Humanity’s First Starship. These chimpanzees either served
in the U.S. space program, or are descendants of chimpanzees who
did. They blazed the trail into space for humanity, often at great
cost to their well-being. Now, through the inclusion of their hair
samples and photographs on Humanity’s First Starship, these
space chimps will again blaze the trail into space, this time to
other stars – just as they did in the 2001 blockbuster movie, Planet
of the Apes.

Part of the proceeds from kit sales will go to support Primarily
Primates, Inc.
, a non-profit organization in San Antonio, Texas
that cares for these space chimps, along with over 800 primates
and other animals – many of which have previously suffered abuse
or neglect.