VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. – A Taurus rocket, carrying the OrbView-4
and QuikTOMS satellites was launched today from Space Launch Complex 576 E
on North Vandenberg at 11:49 a.m. but failed to place the satellites into
their proper orbits.

At one and a half minutes after a normal countdown and lift-off, the rocket
experienced an anomaly, which prevented the satellites from achieving their
proper orbit. The cause of the anomaly is unknown at this time. Questions
regarding the anomaly or its payloads should be directed to Barron Beneski,
Orbital Sciences Corp. public relations, at (703) 406-5528.

The OrbView-4 satellite is a high-resolution and hyperspectral imaging
satellite. QuickTOMS is an ozone mapping instrument designed for NASA. More
information about the OrbView-4 and QuickTOMS satellites can be found at: or

EDITOR’S NOTE: Video footage of the launch will be available no later than
four hours after the launch at the Visitor Center. Still photography will
be released to accredited media via e-mail.