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NASA’s shining star is getting bigger; International Space Station will grow
again next month – tracking and viewing it to be even more fun

The International Space Station is about to get bigger when Space Shuttle
Atlantis delivers the huge, 14-ton Starboard One truss to Space Station next

A dozen trusses will eventually form the Station’s full backbone and span
100 yards.

Even now, the Space Station is one of the biggest and brightest orbiting
objects in space.

It’s home for multi-national crews and a platform for dozens of experiments.

It orbits Earth 16 times a day, passes over the same area several times a
day and if conditions are favorable can be seen 2-3 times a month over the

Tracking and seeing the Space Station can be a “cool” family, student or
class activity.

Web-based software provides an easy, friendly way to track and view Space
Station at: or

Talk to an expert about the fun of tracking the Space Station.

Who: Patrick Meyer
Computer Scientist
Marshall Space Flight Center
Satellite coordinates: GE-2, Transponder 9C,
85 degrees west longitude,
Frequency: 3880 MHz, audio: 6.8 MHz.
Contacts: Satellite Interview Information:
Camille Sevier (256) 544-2188

Story Information:
Steve Roy, Media Relations
(256) 544-0034