Artist’s concept of the MX-1 robotic explorer Moon Express intends to send land on the lunar surface. (Credit: Moon Express)
SpaceIL lander
An illustration of the Audi Lunar Quattro rover that PT Scientists plans to send to the moon to win the Google Lunar X Prize. Credit: PT Scientists
SpaceIL lander
astrobotic peregrine lander
SpaceIL lander

Astrobotic Signs Agreement With Mexican Space Agency


Astrobotic, a company competing for the Google Lunar X Prize, announced June 10 it had signed an agreement to carry a payload provided by Mexico’s space agency to the moon.

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Japan's Team Hakuto rover entries for the Google Lunar X Prize, Moonraker and Tetris. Credit: Team Hakuto
The Google Lunar X Prize divided $5 million in intermediate prizes among five teams that accomplished self-defined milestones of varying difficulty. Credit: GLXP image/SpaceNews graphic by Brian Berger
SLC-36 before its demolition. Credit: NASA
Astrobotic Andy rover

Historic 2004 SpaceShipOne Flight Starts a New Space Era


With Mike Melvill at the controls, SpaceShipOne made history June 21, 2004, when it became the first privately developed and privately owned rocket to cross the edge of space.

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