NASA renames WFIRST space telescope after pioneering woman astronomer
WFIRST, proposed for cancellation, is approved for development
White House requests significant NASA budget increase to fund Artemis program
NASA prepares to shut down Spitzer Space Telescope
WFIRST passes preliminary design review
Senate appropriators advance bill funding NASA despite uncertainties about Artemis costs
Senate bill offers $22.75 billion for NASA in 2020
WFIRST telescope passes preliminary design review
House bill restores funding to Earth science and astrophysics missions
Foust Forward | Expanding budgets for an expanding universe
WFIRST faces funding crunch
NASA criticized for proposed budget cuts
Op-ed | The rocky landscape for astrophysics
NASA budget proposal targets SLS
Senator seeks assurances on JWST and WFIRST funding
NASA weighs delaying WFIRST to fund JWST overrun
NASA studying potential additional cuts in WFIRST
Bridenstine offers senators reassurances on NASA programs
Bridenstine optimistic WFIRST will avoid cancellation
Astronomers resist NASA push to delay astrophysics decadal survey

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