New Virginia spaceport head seeks to increase launch activity
Orbital ATK, Virginia Reach Accord on Pad Repair Bill, Insurance
Virginia May Seek Federal Funds for Wallops Spaceport Repairs
Profile | Dale Nash, Executive Director, Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority

VIDEO | Minotaur Rocket Lofts 29 Satellites from Virginia Spaceport


Astrotech reported higher revenue and operating profit for the three months ending Sept. 30 compared to a year ago on the strength of increased launch services to commercial customers.

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Minotaur Rocket Lofts 29 Satellites from Virginia Spaceport
Cygnus Mission Set to Wrap Up Oct. 23; Shutdown Nonissue for Virginia Spaceport
Orbital Sues Virginia, Says State Owes It $16.5 Million
STPSat-3 Delivered to Wallops for Virginia Spaceport’s Fourth but Possibly Not Final Launch of 2013

Booster Backlog at Launch Site While Orbital Waits on Virginia


While Orbital Sciences waits for the state of Virginia to turn over its new Wallops Flight Facility launch pad, boosters for the company’s Antares rockets are stacking up.

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Virginia Spaceport Poised To Turn Pad Over to Orbital This Month

Virginia’s Spaceport Needs More Money, Report Says


A newly released report on the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS) at Wallops Island, Va., concluded that increased state funding will be necessary to keep the operation afloat.

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Virginia Urged To Increase Its Spaceport Investment


A study commissioned by the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority calls for the state to make the capital investment necessary to turn the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS) on Wallops Island into a multi-use facility and attract new customers.

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Virginia May Give Tax Break for Space Burials [Daily Press]


Virginia is considering legislation to provide a tax incentive for people to have their cremated remains launched into space, the state’s Daily Press newspaper reports. 

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Virginia Report: Remove Orbital Sciences from Spaceport Board [Daily Press]

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